Arezu Sabreze Now Hunted by TV Companies As The Next TV Star

The attractive and well spoken Fashion Designer Arezu Sabreze is being wooed by major TV networks as they think she'll be bigger than Kim Khardashian

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TV execs want to make Arezu bigger than Kim Khardashian

(PRWEB UK) 27 December 2012

Kim Khardashian is a major star with her exotic beauty. Having launched a successful TV career on her reality TV show The Khardashians, TV executives are now looking to find the next big thing that will have a similar success. This time they are looking for someone with just a bit more....brains.

Meet Arezu Sabreze from London. Being intelligent, sexy and funny has opened many doors for the young UK Fashion designer. Having studied Law at two of the most prestigous universities in the world, Kings College London and La Sorbonne in Paris, Arezu was always a scholarship-straight A student. She explains, 'I was a geek reading Plato at the age of 12 and writing poetry about how life is about connecting to the soul. I won a place at Oxford University but chose La Sorbonne instead as I thought I would become a lawyer for the UN, being able to speak many languages.''

However, fate had another story to tell. She began to develop a beauty that attracted some of the most powerful people in the world. Spotted at a restaurant by Bon Jovi's manager when he was having a meal with the band, Arezu was being called for a music career. The manager who also represented some of the world's biggest stars from Enrique Iglesias to Aerosmith, later introduced Arezu to Robert Plant of Led Zepplin the following week who offered her a record deal, as they thought she had the looks and voice of a rockstar. Arezu declined.

Laughing shyly,' I never wanted fame or fortune, I value my privacy too much. I have always just dreamed of finding love and having a family. It's all I ever wanted, but that hasn't happened for me yet.'' Arezu then won the best business award for sexy crystal G-strings she invented with the Mirror and found herself pounded by journalists and major PR figures who wanted her to model her own lingerie and make her a tabloid star. Again, Arezu declined but agreed to go on Dragons Den to seek investment for her business.

She explains, ''I was disappointed with Dragons Den. They used me for the commercials to get the public to watch but then cut my piece to two seconds. It was very unfair to be used as a bate in a way.'' Arezu then pursued a career in Compliance in leading hedge funds regulating bankers with tough Legal requirements, while studying Fashion design at Central St. Martins part time. She then became full time designer launching her couture dresses brand AREZU SABREZE and her casual line brand She now finds herself attracting media attention again.

Major networks in the UK and US have asked Arezu to appear in numerous reality TV shows concerning Fashion or dating as she is a people's person. She is heavily involved in supporting soup kitchens and giving food to the homeless and other charity causes that help the vulnerable.

Arezu explains, ''I'm the kind of person where I'll be partying in an exclusive nightclub mixing with millionaires one night, only to wake up the next day and cook for the homeless and spend the afternoon with them in a soup kitchen. For me, we are all humans and the same in God's eyes, everyone deserves food and basic human rights.''

With so much to offer, major TV execs are eager to pin Arezu to their network and launch her career before anyone else does. Arezu continues, ''I guess it's time I may have to give in but I'm considering offers carefully as it has to be the right one, I'm not one to do something just to be on TV for 5 minutes.'' Watch this space. Arezu may just cave in for the right TV show and add a bit of value to our screens with her looks and brains, and of course her heart.


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