New report from NRG Expert reveals the United States and Russia to be the two highest natural gas producers and consumers in the world.

NRG Expert’s Global Guide to Natural Gas Utilities 2012 reveals that United States became the largest producer of natural gas in 2010. Rising domestic demand, however, means that it has also become the world’s largest importer of gas. The remaining countries in the top 10 producers are Russia, Canada, Iran, Qatar, Norway, China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Algeria.

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Natural Gas produces less carbon dioxide than any other energy derived from fossil fuels

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 22 February 2012

World natural gas consumption has increased from 651 bcm (billion cubic metres) per year in 1965 to 3,169 bcm in 2010. After the United States and Russia, the leading consumers are Iran, China, Japan, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Italy. Russia, with 24% of the world’s natural gas reserves and relatively low demand, is now the world’s leading natural gas exporter.
More than two thirds (69%) of global natural gas transportation is carried out through pipelines. While this is expected to continue for the time being, it represents a drop from 88% of natural gas transportation by pipeline in 2001. Increases in demand and lower production costs are causing countries to move away from pipeline gas as they explore unconventional forms of natural gas such as shale gas and coal bed methane and are increasing imports of compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Both involve reducing the volume of gas, by 90% in the case of LNG, to make it easier to transport in the absence of gas pipelines.
“Natural gas a range of uses – including heating, cooking, refrigeration, manufacturing and petro-chemical production – and is becoming a promising alternative to petrol and diesel as a vehicle fuel,” according to Max Krangle, Managing Director of NRG Expert. “It has a significant role to play in reducing energy-related pollution and helping countries meet greenhouse gas emissions targets, as it produces less carbon dioxide than any other energy derived from fossil fuels.”
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