Restless Legs Syndrome - Halcyon Bracelets Relief Proving a Great Success

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Halcyon Bracelets designed for the relief of Restless Legs Syndrome were only launched in May this year yet already giving Restless Legs Sufferers relief. Many are saying they are now RLS free when wearing the bracelets.

"I am really delighted with the positive feedback that I am getting from customers on Facebook and the Testimonials that I am receiving on the website. Customers that have been suffering for years, taking medication that they really do not like taking, are now quoting that they are RLS free when wearing the bracelets," said Sue Jarvis, Founder of Halcyon Bracelets.

Restless Legs Syndrome is often described as an overwhelming urge to keep moving the legs. A feeling of ants crawling inside the legs or electrical jerking sensations is common. The condition varies with some people even suffering in their arms and torso. It is very debilitating and can be depressing as there is no known cure. Some medications used for the condition in time can lose their effectiveness and can even make it worse.

Sue, the Founder says, "With over 35 years personal experience with Restless Legs Syndrome, I really want to get the message across to doubters that it is a very serious condition. I have been lucky enough to have found relief wearing my bracelets over the last 30 years. Halcyon Bracelets is dedicated to helping control the symptoms and escalating public awareness about Restless Legs Syndrome. The website explains more about the effectiveness of the bracelets and how I came across them, so do take a look."

So how do Halcyon Bracelets work? Apparently, we as human beings have enough electricity in our bodies to light a 40 watt light bulb! This electricity is contained in the cells around our body. As with Epilepsy, where there is abnormal electrical activity in the brain, could it be that we have abnormal electrical activity in our legs, or in the signals from our brain to our legs? Electricity in our body jumps from cell to cell and that's just how some people describe the feeling. Doctors say that Restless Legs Syndrome is a neurological condition, as is Epilepsy, so could they have something in common and could this perhaps be the reason that the bracelets work - conducting that electricity away from the legs?

Halcyon Bracelets are based in Essex and supply worldwide. The bracelets are manufactured to a very high standard and are nickel free. Sue Jarvis puts customer service very highly on her priority list and is always happy to answer any questions relating to Restless Legs Syndrome to the best of her ability. Halcyon Bracelets are hoping to conduct clinical research some time in the future with regard to the effectiveness of the bracelets working for Restless Legs Syndrome.

Learn more about Halcyon Bracelets by visiting the website.

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