Leadership Psychologists Release Influence App.

Leadership psychologists at Wise Leader™ have, this week, released an app which allows people to build a psychological profile of people they know in order to influence them better. This app is the first in a series, to be released this month, which aims to put psychology directly into the hands of leaders.

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The 'Influence' App puts psychology in the hands of leaders.

(PRWEB UK) 10 October 2012

Wise Leader™, a UK based firm of leadership psychologists, has, this week, released an app called 'Influence' which allows users to build a psychological profile of people they know. By answering questions about the behaviours of the target person the user is able to generate their psychological profile. Based on this profile the app generates a practical list of 'do's and don'ts' when attempting to influence them.

Terry Sexton, leadership psychologist and MD of Wise Leader™ says "already the 'what not to do' report has proved very valuable to app users. It seems that too often we unconsciously 'push all the wrong buttons' when we are trying to get other people to like our ideas."

Based on Jungian Personality Type, which was popularised by the MBTI®, the Influence app is the first in a series of apps being released by Wise Leader™ this month. The series will provide practical tools which put psychology in the hands of the user.

Though aimed primarily at business users the App has proved equally popular with a much younger audience keen to engage with, and understand more about themselves and those around them. This may be reflected in the fact that psychology is one of the most popular degrees studied today. Perhaps these new apps will show that it's time for psychology to come out of the classroom and into the real world.

Company Information

Wise Leader Group Ltd (http://www.wiseleadergroup.com) was set up this year by a group of psychologists specialising in leadership development. They recognised that due to harsh economic climate being faced today many organisations are no longer able to invest in the development of their leaders. Yet to succeed in this climate leaders need more development and support than ever before. To meet this need Wise Leader™ provides leaders with access to leadership development worldwide via electronic media such as apps, e-learning, e-mentoring, and e-retreats. Based on rigorous research and the latest in leadership psychology Wise Leader™ aims to put leadership psychology safely and directly into the hands of those who need it. All the leadership psychologists behind Wise Leader™ have many years of experience as both internal and external leadership consultants and have worked with some of the world’s largest corporations from graduate to Boardroom level.


  • Terry Sexton
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Results Graph - Influence App Results Profile - Influence

After completing the short questionnaire the Influence App generates a profile suggesting the do's and don'ts of how to influence someone.

Results Graph - Influence App Results Graph - Influence

A psychological profile of the behaviour of the person being influenced.

Home Page Influence App Home Page Influence App

Screen shot of the Influence App home page

Example Question - Influence App Example Question - Influence

An example of one of the questions asked ny the Influence App.